Saturday, February 26, 2011

DC Superheroes

Had my new DC Superheroes photoshoot last Wednesday and I was soooo excited bout it becoz it was quite a long time since our previous shoots.  This time, it went wilder, dirtier, and more evil....!!!Yea! Tat was really fun.

First, we started off with the dirty look (make-up). Not done yet... Becoz the final one was really dirty!!

Then the hair...

Then we went on to see the clothes... Only to realize....  We forgot to update Irwan my current size :/
(oh no).. So there were lots of pinning to do... Aiks...

And then we started off with moving shots...

What a waste, Irwan needed to cut the t-shirts into holes like torn effect.  But hell nice!

Time for some touch-up, more cuttings, and spraying me with water for more WET & dirty look!

Results even before touching-up was superb!!  Totally in love with it..  What do you think?

There were shots of me lying down.... First time... (wink wink)... !  Turned out fine... (luckily)..

This is the 3rd year working for DC Superheroes..  Wonder how well i scored for the 3rd one....Can't Wait!


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applely~泪 said...

陈诗莉姐姐 ,你以前中学是不是读JJ2 ?你是什么制服团体的 ?