Saturday, December 18, 2010

A X'mas with You *-*

I am feeling it already. The mood for love. 虽然是一个人, 心理还是有一种温暖。 因为身边有好多好多人曾经陪伴着我。 Browsing through my photo album, i feel so blessed because there are so many of you who had been through thick and thin with me. I randomly picked some nice photos of everyone around me, be it with my family (the most important ppl in my life) or my close friends (ppl who stand by me and made my life filled with joy & happiness), into a video with my x'mas song that i released few years back. Those who are not in this video, please! It is becoz i cannot find any pics taken with you. I promise, promise!!, that i will start to take more pictures with you guys, u know who u are.. So, bear with me... :D

Last but not least, i wanna wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (deep from the bottom of my heart)... Luv ya all... Big Kiss... MUAKS....!!!

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