Friday, May 18, 2012

R.A.H.M.A.N. The End?

Is this the end?  

As I was reading, my heart starts to beat faster and faster...  I hoped that it was because of the coffee.  But then, no, I started to fear about what will happen in the future...

Here I am, standing at the crossroad trying to figure out which path to choose.  It is not a easy decision.  Who the hell can I trust?  I feel vulnerable because I don't feel good YET with either party.  Do I have to choose someone who let me lived comfortably till today or someone who promises that I will have a safer and more reliable place to live in? 

From what I was reading, many of them acted childishly and irresponsibly to my country and it's a shame.  :(  It made me wonder if my leaders are truly educated or some 'Samseng' trying to be a fool of themselves.  Saw many news about these stupid acts like the 'Butt Dance' and am really angry about it.  Dato' Ambiga's response to stop 'Tosai' mockery makes me feel good because that is what an educated leader would perform. 

But who knows?  What are the plots and plans they are up to?  I cracked my brains and well, who knows,  there are always hidden agendas that are kept in secret, and we, the citizens are being used as their pawn. 

The elections are around the corner.  If I'm on time for voting, I will clear my mind, clear my hatreds, my anger.  And when it's time I will ask myself :-

"Am I ready for a CHANGE?"