Saturday, June 26, 2010

Partial Eclipse of the moon

Jeezzz...  It's really nice!  It looked exactly like the full moon being cut into half!  haha..  Took picture of it, but it wasn't very clear. 

Last night (Friday) for the first time in my life, my parents, Ryan & I went for a movie!  Just the four of us.  Went for quick dinner and then movie.  Watched Karate Kid and it's awesome!!  Ryan was so nervous & excited throughout the show that he shivered.  Jaden Smith is really cute & he really look like his father.  Thumbs up for Karate Kid 2010.  Go watch it in the cinema while u can now.. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Penang Trip June 2010

Finally get to go Penang in a more relaxed way...  Thank to Gao Jian lao shi, Crystal & Team..  They have been really kind to bring us everywhere.  Especially when it comes to FOOD!  Penang is really really a nice place to stay and hang out.  So clean, relax and the people are kind.  Guys there are cute too.! :0   haha... 

Went to Gurney plaza and finally saw my superheroes poster in the building.  Went into the shop as well to take a pic with myself...  haha... When we went inside, we asked if we can take photo...  Then they asked me what is it for, so i said, it's for my own keepsake...  Ok... See, i told u..  It doesn't look like me at all......  wooo wooo wooo....... 
So we had fun..... Photos show it all... 

This is the competition held in Red Café Penang.  Enjoyed ;)

Autograph session in Gurney Plaza.  A strong wind came and blew everything off. 所有东西都被吹倒了, 除了我。。。。。

 This is Tims singing Kaleidoscope with me..  ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good News!! Online Purchase of WIND 风 EP!

Hi guys!! Finally!  A good way for all of you to get my latest EP WIND online and enjoy home delivery service!

This is where you can purchase my EP online.  It's RM20.00 (inclusive of postage)!  You can also enjoy better price if you buy more than two.  Great deal.  Go get it quick!!! 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A lost rabbit...

Two weeks ago, neighbour's Schnauzer was barking non-stop that all of us at home couldn't tolerate it anymore. So i went over to neighbour's house and asked whether if they needed any help. There, true enuf, they needed some help.

A poor little rabbit (seems lost) went over to their house. Their schnauzer was too big for him, almost hurt him. So separated them. It explains why the schnauzer was barking non-stop. So i volunteered in taking care of the rabbit. While informing the security guards to put up notice for missing rabbit.

I couldn't take care of the rabbit coz my front gate's gab is too big and the rabbit escaped. Someone else in the neighbourhood volunteered to take care of him temporary now. I feel that this poor little rabbit is not owned and it's up for adoption.
Do let me know if any of you wants to own this little rabbit, taking really great care of him. He is really cute. ...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Money can't buy true love?

If you have only 1 choice, would you go for bread or love?

Some of you might answer, no, I want both. Me too! But is it possible when you can only have 1 choice? What do you do?

1) Go for bread. Coz love wears out when you are too stressed out over money.
2) Go for love. Coz money can't buy you love. You don't wanna be rich outside, but poor in the inside.
3) Work like hell for money, while living on love. You believe in having the best of both worlds.

Yes, money can't buy true love. But No MONEY, NO LOVE!

I wanna know, guys, what were you thinking when you are in the outside world fighting for wealth, power, fame? I mean Guys. Not girls. What was the thing that motivates you? U dreamed of having all the girls you wanted in your arms? Or you dreamed of starting a family, providing for them, and taking care of your loved ones? Or you have always been very poor, and hate it when you always don't have the money to provide yourselves with the best things in life.

Last question, what is marriage to you, all of you?

1) Someone to grow old with
2) The end of a fairy tale
3) Just a piece of paper!
4) Beginning of a blissful & peaceful life
5) Beginning of a life that requires you to repeat your everyday lifestyle
6) A step before getting a divorce
7) A change of status in facebook
8) A step forward in life
9) Lesser time for yourself
10) A partner who ALWAYS take things for granted!