Thursday, May 27, 2010

My press conference for <风> EP

May 24th 2010

Held a press conference for my new released EP Wind <风> in Malaysia.  Compiled 3 songs namely Wind <风>,  Red Bean Dream <红豆梦>, & Kaleidoscope <万花筒>.  As usual, worked closely with Kenn Wu (who wrote the 3 songs above), and also the arranger for all my songs you have ever heard.  Lyricist for the main single Wind <风> is Adam Hsu <许常德>.  This is the 2nd song he wrote for me and am glad that we are working closely and comfortably.  And the other lyricist working close together is Bryan Gao <高见> who is a very close friend of Kenn & me.  And this time, I'm happy to work with Peter Chong for Wind <风>'s mixing and I love every details he put into it. 

Red Bean Dream <红豆梦> & Kaleidoscope <万花筒> are songs recorded for the movie soundtrack The Four Beauties <四大美人> which is released in Mainland China only.  Had 2 roles in this movie too as special appearance.  Quite fun!  :)

And so, the press conference, happy to see most of the reporters were there to cover my story and I wasn't pissed off when they asked me 'hard to answer' questions.  It's their job to get the juiciest news out of every artiste and well, they did it.  To me, it's like a whole new experience and i kinda enjoyed it.  I am the straightforward kind of person (if you know me), and ppl around me kinda enjoy this function of mine??  ... ...

Would like to thank Tang Xiao Kang for his special appearance representing Kenn Wu and TinyBox.

Attached are photos of the press conference taken from a few reporters and company.  Enjoy :D


Anonymous said...

Fuiyoh a long way, I get your album on hand FINALLY!!!!! :D :D


Dizzy詩莉Desiree said...

Oh really? Wooo.. Thanks Layleng, for supporting, after all these years. Hope to see u all again soon.