Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My DC Superheroes Banner in Gurney Drive, Penang.

Wow!!  Finally i have somebody to show me my DC Superheroes banner in Gurney Drive.  SO EXCITED!!  Even though it's been sometime, but this is the first time i see it.  I hope you guys in Melacca can show me my pics there too.  hehe..  :D  Thanks Gao Jian lao shi for sending me this pic.  Appreciate it a lot.  hehe..  




3sth3r said...

This pic so memorable and is nice..hehe~
First i see is in 1 Utama when it jz launch~
Then I mostly see it in at Mines, every time going out to Serdang sure pass by there then sure hv a look on it~hehe~

Dizzy詩莉Desiree said...

eeesh.. u didnt take pic show me.. :( sad... i would like to see actually.. haha..