Friday, May 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9

Congrats, Lee for winning Season Nine.  Results were quite obvious although Crystal is the better performer.  However, I have never felt anything for Crystal's performances compared to Lee's.  When he is really into the song, i have goosebumps even though his pitching is always here and there.  This season, i felt a little disappointed becoz there were no Adam Lambert.  He is da bomb!!  haha....  Love him to bits... 

Well, American Idol Season 9 Finale's MAIN attraction (to me), was the powerful, irreplaceable, Diva "Christina Aguilera"!!!  Her new song was really NICE!  Although i couldn't figure out how the melody for the Chorus goes, but the verse was really incredible.  Her performance was brilliant and she really showed us all the quality of an Artiste!  She's really a blast!

Here's her performance during American Season 9 Finale.  Enjoy :)

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