Sunday, April 4, 2010

SISTAS Pot Luck Gathering

Finally a get together, Pot Luck style. Everyone of us brought something delicious. Val brought "Oh ah Jian" (Oyster Egg), "Wa Tan Ho" (Hong Kong style kuey teow), and BBQ chicken wings. Rene brought her mum's special "cha bee hoon" Mee Siam. Mel brought her 阿lao爱心fruit salad! And it's as pretty as she is... hahaha... Couldn't wait to get started. Had fruit salad and my delicious Caramel Egg Pudding for desserts. Ok, it was full of praised. Happy. hehe :D So we had a lot, of coz, and i gain weight again. :(

Can't remember who is the one who suggested we should actually call for our next gathering for SPORTS! everyone went like ........... erm.................. ..... erm....... hahahaha.. ok, it's not gonna work. Nobody will turn up. But i feel even though we went for sports, in the end we will end up in foodcourt having supper after the exercise session! Please don't laugh, U know it's true.

Can't believe Mel's hubby is such a caring and considerate person. The fruit salad is really pretty & looks so full of love inside them. Erm, maybe purposely show off one la... His lao po what, so must do something to show US, the unmarried ones how lucky and 幸福 they are now... eeeshhh... ok loh, 嫁对老公了咯... hehehe...

And worse of all, miss Val announced her engagement with her Mr Wood! We went like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......... Will i be the last one standing??? Rene, wait for me.

**Anyway, I am really happy for you gals.... :D


JoJo said...

Wah , so early wake up o ....
always share alot of food ,
can see cannot eat , crying T.T

3sth3r said...

same here..
the salad really pretty~
and look delicious~
i hungry dy~