Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cute little leather nose, Bob.

This is Bob (Bobby).  Just bathed, looks a little messy.  But i just love the way he look at us.  (sometimes he does look like a furry human being).  hahaha..  It's like he is telling us something.  He don't bark at us, even though he wants something so badly.  Even though he is hungry, even though he wants his toys, even though he was locked outside the gate!  He just don't bark at us.  I think this is some kind of respect for us, his family.  I really think so.  Poor Bob, i felt i owe him so much.  Dunno what.  But i really do love him.  We had so much fun and we had great memories.  I hope you are happy, Bob, (coz i really dunno what is on your mind at times.)  But When he is really happy, i can feel it.  There is a kind of light in his eyes that he wants to share.  Ok, just wanna take a photo of him today coz it's grooming day tomorrow!! hahaha...  It's gonna be UGLY......   :(  Well.....  what choice do i have?

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3sth3r said...

From this picture can feel it, it a good family member~Bob is cute~