Friday, February 10, 2012

Source of Happiness

Life is a repetitive of happiness followed by unhappiness. It's a circle. I mean cycle. Everyone awaits the moment of happiness everyday, whereas some don't see where they come from.

Where is the source of happiness? I am lucky or because I'm easily contented that I find happiness everywhere in my life. I got so happy today because:

1. I finished a whole big packet of M&M's chocolate!
2. I made Bobby happy by making him his favourite mutton meal.
3. Company called up and said some artiste complimented my songs, and she want MORE!!
4. I wrote a song.
5. Sista called me up for a massage.
6. Went for a movie with my family and love.
7. Looking at my little brother NOW, sleeping on my bed.

But what do we expect next? Unhappy events? Why do we always fall so deep in emotion like falling from the sky each time we feel so fulfilling bout our lives? Is this why some ppl chose to shun away from being too happy?

A master once told me that life always needs a balance. The "Middleway" he called that, is where we mustn't be feeling "OVERLY" with something. Too happy, too sad, too ambitious, too skeptical, too confident, too scared! An average of everything is the best medicine I guess. Sounds like my mum when she said about eating. Eat all sorts of thing u like, but moderately!

Well, it does make sense because when you feel on top of the world, the next moment u might be feeling empty again when things are back to normal. This is when we start looking for our source of Happiness.

What is your source of happiness? Try looking for one now if you have not found any. And it's better to have more options because you do not want to have a double let down when your only source of Happiness is down on its mood! (hehe)...

Good nite fellows. Sweet dreams..



Summer said...

We have to live happily

tan said...

My source of happiness is thinking positively & get rid of the garbage before things turn "bitter". Hahaha...Love your music & take care.Oops.. your pet is handsome 2.