Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will You ‘Merry’ Me?

Will You ‘Merry’ Me?  

Just as I was listening to Bruno Mars’ Marry You, I figured out that the whole idea of getting married is so much fun to the girl.  It started from getting proposed by their loved ones, got shocked, saying “YES, I DO!” and then wearing an engagement ring for the first time.  Everyone gets touched and there will be eyes full of envy as they watch.  Followed by putting on the veil & beautiful as white as pearl wedding dress, walk down the aisle and receive tons and tons of congratulatory messages.  As soon as they are done with the ceremony, their new phase of life begins!

‘I am so bored with my life’, says Amelly.  

‘Why?  Aren’t you happily married with the one you have always loved?’

‘I mean, Yes, I am happily married with Zac, but that’s all.  This is it.  Aw, I just kinda miss my old freedom where I get to lead a life not having to report my whereabouts.  Now I have to get back home on time for dinner, go marketing, helping to look after in-law’s kids, be a good wife, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, bla bla bla...’

‘Can’t you make sometime for yourselves, I mean, make a deal with your hubby!  Ask him for some time on your own, not having to go through timetables.  I guess he’ll be fine with your request, won’t he?’

‘I am so not sure about it.  He might agree, but what will his family think about me?  I don’t wanna ruin this ‘perfect’ moment he always wanted as a family.  I guess it’s just too cruel.’

Many friends told me, getting married to the one you love doesn’t mean getting married to ONE person; you are in fact marrying into another family (as if we don’t have enough problems to handle in OUR own family).  Time is always inadequate because we have to compromise and divide our most PRECIOUS free time (normally high-teas, chats till we’re out of topics, and sometimes sports with our own girlfriends) to both sides of our family.  How many of us do enjoy such demanding “married job”?  I certainly am afraid of it just by listening to stories from my girlfriends about how you have to cope with your in-laws! 
This was why the second episode of Cinderella wasn’t popular!  I bet you wouldn’t know it exist!  I watched it, trust me.  And it was just so down to earth, no fairy tales worth for us to imagine because it was all about her being married into the royal family, was trying her best to fit herself into her new status and home.  Of course they didn’t leave out the part where she has to build the relationship between herself and her IN-LAWS, the King and the Queen!  In the movie, she was often left alone at home because the prince needs to go away from home all the time and all she could do was wait.  She also had to prepare a feast to welcome the prince when he’s back.  In conclusion, she was all the time waiting and serving her man and his family.  Some of you might find it interesting but how long can you do this for?  

Is there life after marriage?  We truly wanna believe in it, but we need some real good examples badly before we wanna jump into it.  I am sure that this topic always brings about a very tough and exhausting debate!  Well, to each his own!  Anyway, Bruno Mars’ Marry You was actually quite a good suggestion we can try if we wanna just get ‘merry’ instead of ‘married’ as his lyrics goes; 

‘If you wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool.  No I won’t blame you.  It was fun, girl.’  


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Nich said...

Yes. I'll Marry You, Gup