Thursday, August 12, 2010

My [S]uperheroes!

This is me, myself and I, having lunch around sunway damansara.  Fell in love with the chilli pan mee, so there i was having lunch all by myself after driving around settling some work and personal stuffs.  

Just went and took a couple of pairs of sneakers from 《S》uperheroes.  LOVE IT to BITS!!!  Seriously.  I love the colours.  It was young, energetic & DAMN ATTITUDE!  Fooh..  I wore it immediately!  hahaha...  Took 1 pair for my mum as well, and im sure she's gonna love them.  

Was damn GLAD to see that they actually came up with slippers as well!  Damn COOL.  Think I'm not done shopping there yet!  Gonna go another round again soon.  hehehe....  

Oh yes, SOON, there will be an announcement to make from 《S》uperheroes, a great deal, and news of coz for you guys (Dizzies) and me.  hehehe... Stay updated!  Adios!

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