Thursday, August 5, 2010


Watched Sorcerer's Apprentice with John. It was really good! U know, coz i only watch those stupid romantic movies, or comedies, or something like Sorcerer's Apprentice, Magical and not real! hahaha... Maybe becoz I'm a Pisces, likes daydreaming, magical stuffs, romance. Ok, tat explains why...

Ya, talking about Sorcerer's apprentice, Nicholas cage rocks! But the ending was a little bit too sudden though. Too sudden that the boy finally realizes that he can use his power without the ring. But i like where they actually combine science with their magic power. hahaha... Overall, it's a must watch for girls!

Next will be The Last Airbender. Ryan has been pestering me for weeks, i mean he was already doing some booking to my schedule! He watches Avatar cartoon, so he knows this guy. I mean the airbender! hahhaa... Cant wait to catch this show... :)

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