Monday, June 7, 2010

Money can't buy true love?

If you have only 1 choice, would you go for bread or love?

Some of you might answer, no, I want both. Me too! But is it possible when you can only have 1 choice? What do you do?

1) Go for bread. Coz love wears out when you are too stressed out over money.
2) Go for love. Coz money can't buy you love. You don't wanna be rich outside, but poor in the inside.
3) Work like hell for money, while living on love. You believe in having the best of both worlds.

Yes, money can't buy true love. But No MONEY, NO LOVE!

I wanna know, guys, what were you thinking when you are in the outside world fighting for wealth, power, fame? I mean Guys. Not girls. What was the thing that motivates you? U dreamed of having all the girls you wanted in your arms? Or you dreamed of starting a family, providing for them, and taking care of your loved ones? Or you have always been very poor, and hate it when you always don't have the money to provide yourselves with the best things in life.

Last question, what is marriage to you, all of you?

1) Someone to grow old with
2) The end of a fairy tale
3) Just a piece of paper!
4) Beginning of a blissful & peaceful life
5) Beginning of a life that requires you to repeat your everyday lifestyle
6) A step before getting a divorce
7) A change of status in facebook
8) A step forward in life
9) Lesser time for yourself
10) A partner who ALWAYS take things for granted!


Anonymous said...

aiyo babe...

Yvette Ng said...

someone to grow old with and share the crest and trough of life ^^ for two true-hearted persons

a step before divorce for one-sided

just a piece of paper for superficial companion

love is when the other becomes a part of u =)