Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A lost rabbit...

Two weeks ago, neighbour's Schnauzer was barking non-stop that all of us at home couldn't tolerate it anymore. So i went over to neighbour's house and asked whether if they needed any help. There, true enuf, they needed some help.

A poor little rabbit (seems lost) went over to their house. Their schnauzer was too big for him, almost hurt him. So separated them. It explains why the schnauzer was barking non-stop. So i volunteered in taking care of the rabbit. While informing the security guards to put up notice for missing rabbit.

I couldn't take care of the rabbit coz my front gate's gab is too big and the rabbit escaped. Someone else in the neighbourhood volunteered to take care of him temporary now. I feel that this poor little rabbit is not owned and it's up for adoption.
Do let me know if any of you wants to own this little rabbit, taking really great care of him. He is really cute. ...

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